Start date: 1st May 2015 End Date: 1st May 2016

1) Cook a roast dinner
2) Keep my room tidy for a month
3) Properly de-clutter and sort out my room and things in the shed 
4) Watch five films pre 1990:

                      Psycho, The Breakfast Club, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Women

5) Watch five films pre 2000:

                      Forrest Gump, Shindlers list, The Matrix, Gladiator, Good Will Hunting

6) Have a complete movie day in pjs and with pizza
7) Do something that scares me
8) Buy something special for you once a month (use it as a way to celebrate the brilliant things you’ve done) 
9) Travel somewhere out of Europe: America for two weeks May 2015 potato
10) Go for a run twice a week for a month
11) Make 5 types of crisp (courgette, butternut squash, sweet potato, Beetroot)

                   Potato, apple

12) Do something thoughtful for my parents
13) Try James’ workout for a month 
14) Watch a sunrise and a sunset in the same day
15) Create an inspiration notebook
16) Drink five cocktails I’ve never tired before

          Bacon Whiskey Cocktail, Homemade Lemonade and Strawberry Vodka, Pina Colada, Rasberry and White Chocolate Martini, Key Lime Pie Martini

17) Host a board games night
Write down 5 positive things that happened during the day before going to bed for one month
19) Throw a dinner party/bbq
20) Invest in a piece of designer clothing/item
21) Buy a pair of really nice shoes: Cream sparkly heels
22) Attend a music concert/festival: 
Boardmasters: 7 to 10th August with Lizzy and Jenny

23) Make 20 recipes found from Pinterest

          Raspberry almond shortbread cookies, Spinach and Ricotta Rotolo, Baileys hot chocolate pudding, Dark chocolate chip skillet cookie, no bake chilli brownies, Homemade lemonade and strawberry vodka, Baked Cilantro fries (turned into sweet potato fries), Almond Joy cookies, Brookies, Coconut mango white rum ice lollies, Chocolate chip cookie dough cake, Sweetcorn and Courgette Pie/Glorified Omlette, Aloo Tiki, Lemon Butter Chicken, Crispy brown butter sweet potato gnocchi with balsamic caramelized mushrooms, Baked veggie samosas, Hassleback potatoes with honey, Berry Christmas pavlova, Christmas tree garlic bread, Melting snowman biscuits

28) Go to a psychic: America May 2015 26)

29) Send flowers to my best friend for no apparent reason
30) See a West End show: War Horse on 1st August

31) Buy a lottery ticket

32) Learn to sign the alphabet
33) Donate Blood
34) Book in a viewing for a flat/house
35) Floss everyday for a month
36) Make a difference in someones life
37) See an outside movie

38) Go to ice-skating
39) Photograph a day in your life
40) Buy coffee for someone behind me in the queue
41) Learn how to play chess
42) Cook a different cuisine every night for a week (Moroccan, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Greek)
43) G
et people you know to write an honest message to you and read them all
44) Befriend a stranger
45) Get a makeover: 18th Sept with Hope for Anna’s engagement party

48) Do something for a charity 

46) Surprise my boyfriend with something
47) See the Northern Lights

48) Do something for a charity: 18 mile 3 Chiltern Peaks fir Rennie Grove Hospice with work on 13/09/2015
49) Do something crazy and out of character
50) Visit Stonehenge: 7th August on the way to Boardmasters with Lizzy

51) Write a message in a book: Sent to Lizzy

52) Write five letters to five people who have made a difference to my life

53) Take part in the Race for Life 
54) Visit at least 5 quirky museums I haven’t been to before

           Spy museum, National History Museum, Morbid Anatomy Museum (kind of..), 

55) Perform a kind deed without expecting anything in return (Helping a friend through a tough time)

56) Go vegan for a week
57) Buy a coffee/donate for a homeless person
58) Spend a winter weekend at a cosy B&B with someone special (London with Tom 19th/20th Dec)

59) Throw a surprise party for someone special: Anna’s engagement party
61) Send a care package to my little sister at university
62) Buy a piece of art
63) Visit Megan or Keely or Chanun

64) ???

65) Save £10 for every goal reached (£70)


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