So work sent me away to Southampton the last couple of weeks meaning I didn’t have a chance to post the final challenges I completed! Better late than never I suppose!!

9. Forage – Me and my Mum went blackberry picking on the Saturday, we only had about 20 minutes but managed to get loads of juicy ones! Was really great to spend time chatting with her and be outdoors in the sun too.


11. Try upcycling – When researching this idea I came across some really neat ideas such as book page coasters and cute little bottle cap candles, however I like to throw myself in at the deep end so a while back I decided to upcycle a shed into a living room.. this meant leak proofing and insulating the roof, painting the walls and wallpapering a feature wall. I am currently at a standstill as I need to paint the roof however time seems to be getting away from me. Hopefully this weekend I can get a start on that and put a carpet on order….

12. Ditch the disposables – Working on buildings sites usually means I have to do the odd coffee run, however whilst the guys onsite drink out of throw away cups I sip my new fancy reusable travel coffee mug!

I would like to say I gave the challenge more a go but with the usual ones ticked off (using leftovers, bringing my own bag, going paperless, eating seasonably, using reusable packaging and making my own) I feel like I gave it a good try. The challenge has taught me that some little things are so easy to do once you get used to adding them into your daily routine, and I would love to be able to promote this to others!


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