Day two of the Waste Less Live More Challenge –

Tuesday evening my I invited my boyfriend, Tom, round for a home cooked meal, mainly so I could tick off a few challenges…

Tuesday challenges met:

6. Stargaze – We didn’t go full out on this one I have to say and maybe if there is another clear sky this week I will get the binoculars out for a further look.

17. Re-love some stuff – We sold some old bits and bobs at a car boot last Sunday and I found a couple of old ceramic pots we had hidden away. These made perfect pudding pots for my sticky toffee pudding and melt in the middle chocolate cake (recipes to follow…).

18. Make your own – I love baking so this is kind of a cheat one for me as I never buy puddings anyway.. but I know Tom loves sticky toffee pudding so thought I would treat him and make one!

19. Ditch the disposables – Instead of wrapping my sandwhiches for lunch in disposable clingfilm I put them in a reusable Tupperware tub!

47. Buy nothing – I technically didn’t buy anything today however I did do a little grocery shop Monday as I needed sweet potatoes and chocolate for the meal (oops). That will last me the week though!

49. Eat seasonably – Tomatoes off the garden, Spinach (going out of season) and Sweet potato (coming into season)


50. Go meat free – I made a sweet potato lasagna completely meat free. For my recipe see 1. Butternut Squash and Sweet Leek Lasagna and 2. Mushroom and Sweet Potato Lasanga – I used the sweet potato prep from (2) and the rest of the recipe followed (1) minus the leeks.

Note to self: Stop stealing googles photos and take your own!! 


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